Are you Illegible or Ineligible?

 Your illegible handwriting can make you ineligible
Now the question is "what is illegible handwriting", and "how it can make you ineligible for something".

    What is the meaning of Illegible?

    Writing that no one can read or difficult to read, it is illegible.
    A child writing can be illegible. Doctor's prescription can be illegible. Coding can be illegible. Thoughts can be illegible. Anything that you can't read is illegible.

    1. My principal has an illegible signature.
    2. Genius has illegible handwriting because their brains works faster than their hands.

    What is the meaning of Ineligible?

    Ineligible means not having the necessary qualifications to have or to do something.
    If you are ineligible for a position or office, it means you don't have necessary qualifications. 

    1. New rules in India make thousands of people ineligible for Indian citizenship.
    2. He is ineligible for the post because he doesn't have computer degree.

    What is the difference between illegible and ineligible?

    The adjective illegible is used to describe handwriting that is written in a messy way and for any reason difficult to read.

    The adjective ineligible means not eligible. Being ineligible means not eligible or qualified or entitled for something.

    Mind Trick: How to memorize difference between the words?

    The words illegible and ineligible come from the same Latin root, i.e, Legere. Legere in Latin means to read. Legere comes from the root word "leg" that means to collect, gather.
    • il, in, un are the prefix for "not".
    Illegible is the combination of il(not) legible(to read). Legible means clear enough to read; illegible is antonym of legible.

    Ineligible is the antonym of eligibleEligible comes from the same Latin  root: legere, leg meaning to pick.
                                         Eligible comes from e-(short form of "ex") means out + Latin word "legere(leg)" means to pick. So to pick something or someone out is what we call Eligible. And antonym of eligible is ineligible.

    In a nutshell
    Illegible is an adjective. It means difficult to read. It origins from prefix Il(not) + Legible. Legible means clear enough to read.
    Ineligible is an adjective. It means not qualified for a post. It is antonym of eligible.

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