Censer vs. Censor vs. Censure

Censer vs. Censor vs. Censure
All these words pronounce in the same sound, but these have different meaning. Let's see the differences between these words.

    What is the meaning of Censer?

    Censer is a noun. A censer is like a container that is used to hold burning incense during religious ceremonies.

    What is the meaning of Censor?

    Censor, censer, censor, vocabeasy
    Censor can be a noun or verb. 
    As a noun, censor is a person who examines books, movies, articles, letters, etc., and remove parts which are considered to be offensive or harmful to society.

    As a verb, censor a movie, play, or book means to examine it and cut out any parts that are considered to be inappropriate.

    Censor in sentence:
    1. Her books were heavily censored by government censors.

    What is the meaning of Censure ?

    Censer, censor, censure, vocabeasy
    Censure is a noun and verb.
    Censure means strong criticism when it is used as a noun.
    If you censure somebody for something they have done, you criticize them severely. 

    Censure in sentence:
    1. America faces international censure for its alleged involvement in the assassination.
    2. My father always censured me for playing outdoor games.

    How to memorize the differences between them ?

    Censer is a container in which incense is burned. Incense is a substance that produces a pleasant smell when it is burned. The spelling of words censer and incense are from the same root; scent is also from the same root. With the words incense and scent, we can memorize that censer is a container for holding  and burning incense that produces scent.

    Censor is used to stop someone or something to be done. With the help of "o" in censor and stop, we can memorize that censor means to stop.

    In case of censure, just mind censor is used before doing something and censure is used to criticize somebody or something after doing something. 

    Which word would you use to criticize someone ?
    Censure or Censor
    Answer in comment box  

    Which contains incense (scent) ?
    Censer or Censor
    Answer in comment box  

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