Magnificent or Munificent, Learn with trick

Magnificent or Munificent
English is a very confusing language, so are its words. Look at the preceding words, magnificent and munificent, they look very similar that one can easily get confused. Let us see more about the words.

 At first glance, it seems that both of the words mean the same thing. Owing to their almost the same look and pronunciation, many tend to make error while reading or writing, as they looks like synonym. But they are not synonym, they have different meaning and different usages. Let's get more about the words.
What to use magnificent or munificent. Magnificent vs Munificent?


What is the meaning of Magnificent?
Magnificent is an adjective.
Magnificent is something extremely good, beautiful, impressive, grand, or splendid.
You can use the word for an action, like he or she is doing magnificent work.
You can also use the word to portray someone's appearance, like he or she is looking magnificent.
Magnificent in sentence:
  1. She has magnificent beauty in her blue eyes.
  2. The Taj Mahal is a magnificent building.
  3. Brides look magnificent in her wedding dress.

What is the meaning of Munificent?
Munificent is an adjective. It means extremely generous. 
a munificent person has tendencies towards being generous.
Munificent in sentence:
  1. Businessmen are indeed munificent.
  2. Bill Gates has given many munificent donation to many poor countries.

Origin of Magnificent and Munificent:
Magnificent origins from the Latin word "magnus" that means great.
Munificent origins from the Latin word "munus" that means gift or bountiful.
Difference between Magnificent and Munificent:
If something or someone is absolutely excellent, attractive, beautiful, and impressive, you can choose one word for all the qualities, i.e, magnificent
The word munificent is used for someone who is very generous, who gives expensive gift on every occasions like birthday, marriage day, etc.

Magnificent is for build quality, i.e, large, grandeur.
Munificent for money quantity.

Magnificent comes from the Latin word "magnus" that means great.
Munificent comes from the Latin word "munus" that means gift.

According to Dictionary of confusing words:
'Magnificent' means generally grand or fine, as a 'magnificent' sunset or a 'magnificent' gesture(which could be a generous one). No doubt the latter sense leads to an association with 'munificent', which really does mean 'generous' or 'liberal' - the basis is Latin munus (a peresent.)

Mind Trick:
Magnificent is easy to memorize, as it has Latin word magni(magna) that means large, like magnify or magnitude. 
Munificent sounds somewhat "money". With the help of its pronunciation like "money", you can easily catch the meaning of the word munificent (it has some sense of money), who give large amount of money for free.

In a nutshell
Magnificent means something that is very beautiful, grand, splendid, etc.
It origins from the word "magnus" meaning great.
Munificent means generous or liberal.
It origins from the word "munus" meaning gift
You can learn the word munificent by its pronunciation that sounds like money at its starting..

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