Emigrate, Immigrate, Migrate

Most of the time we get confused: whether to use immigrate or emigrate, or just simply use the word migrate. Now we have Mind Tricks to remember the usages of these words.
Immigrate (V)
  • to come and live permanently in a country after leaving your own country
  • to come to a country to live there
  1. My grandson immigrated to India.
  2. European Jews are immigrating to Israel.
  3. For better life, our parents immigrated to Britain.

Emigrate (V)
  • to leave your country to go and live permanently in another country
  • to leave a country or region to live elsewhere
  1. The mass emigration of people from poor country.
  2. I want to emigrate from my country.

Migrate (V)
  • to move from place to another
  • to move from one town, country to live or work in another
  1. Birds migrate according to season.
  2. Owing to dearth of forest, wild animals are migrating towards town.

Visual Words

vocabeasy.com, immigrate, migrate
vocabeasy.com, emigrate, migrate

Mind Tricks:
Immigrate and Emigrate has the same root- migrate. Migrate means to move from one place to another; it does not mean to settle down in a place. 
The word Immigrate origins from Im(in)+ migrate; im means in and migrate means to move. When you go in a country to settle down there: you immigrate. The same way, Emigrate from E(ex) + migrate; e for ex means exit and migrate means to move. When you exit your county to settle down in another country, you emigrate to there.
In short,
Prefix E stands for Exit in Emigrate. 
Prefix Im stands for In or come in in Immigrate. 
"I emigrated from India and immigrated to Russia."

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