Its vs It's

Its and It's is one of the most common mistakes in the English grammar. A large number of writers make mistake using them. Now, Vocabeasy has a superb mind trick for this that doesn't let you mar your grammar.

        Its  (without apostrophe)
  • its is the possessive case of it. (like yours, hers, ours)
  1. Robot has lost its power. (not it's)
  2. The rest of its funding comes from state.

        It's (with apostrophe)
  • It's is the contraction form of "it is". It is not in possessive form, we add 's to a singular noun to show possession like- Ram's, Joe's, etc. 
  • Keep in mind that it is a pronoun, and we never add an apostrophe (') to make a pronoun possessive. Add only "s" to a pronoun to make possessive like yours, theirs, hers, ours and its
  1. It's a computer. = It is  
  2. It's been a year since I met her. = It has

Mind Tricks:
Whenever see an apostrophe (') in the it's, consider the apostrophe equal to i, ' = i, and make it as it is or it has. See our visual word below for more detail.

Visual word

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