Words for SSC Exams - 4

ABSOLVE                 ASCRIPTION      TOIL       ATTRIBUTION            MIMIC 
TEASE            KIOSK               OBSTRUCT                KNACK           ENMITY

ABSOLVE (V)  [ab-zolv]
  • to state formally that somebody is not guilty or responsible for something 
  • to forgive someone for a wrongdoing
Noun:- Absolution
Adjective:- Absolved

Verb Forms:- 
absolve absolved absolved         
Memory Trick:-
Word Absolve from ab + solve. Ab sounds like hindi meaning of Now, + solve. Ab case solve gaya, court should forgive the criminal. (Hindi)
Synonym:- free, justify, excuse, forgive
Antonym:- blame, fault

ASCRIPTION (N)  [uh-skrip-shuhn]            
  • assigning some quality or character to a person or thing
Verb:- Ascribe                                                              
Memory Trick:-
Ascription sounds like Description. Description means a statement that represents something in words. So description of someone or something is ascription.
Synonym:- attribution

TOIL  (V/N)  [toil]
  • to working very hard for a long time, using doing hard physical work
  • hard unpleasant work that makes you very tired
Adjective:- Toiling
Verb Forms:-  
toil toiled toiled                                                              
Memory Trick:-
Word Toil looks like Soil. Farmers toil(hard work) with soil. Soil works is toil

Word Toil looks like Toilet. Washing a toilet is very toil(hard unpleasant work)

Synonym:- moil, labour, pains, strive, travail
Antonym:- indolence, sloth

ATTRIBUTION (N) [a-truh-byoo-shuhn]
  • a quality of somebody of something
Verb:- Attribute
Adjective:- Attributive, Attributional
Memory Trick:-
Word Attribution remind us about Tribute. We pay tribute to the soldier because of their quality of braveness.
Synonym:- ascription

MIMIC (V/N/Adj.) [mim-ik]
  • to look or behave like something else
  • to copy the way somebody speaks, moves, behaves, etc, especially in order to make other people laugh
Adverb:- Mimically
Verb Forms:- 
mimic mimicked mimicked                                         
Memory Trick:-
Word Mimic reminds us about Comic, comic means arousing laughter. Comic comes out when you mimic or behave like  others.
Synonym:-  copy, imitate, mock, follow, counterfeit

TEASE (V/N)  [teez]
  • to laugh at somebody and make jokes about them, either in a friendly way or in order to annoy or embarrass them
  • to annoy an animal, especially by touching it, pulling its tail, etc.
  • to make somebody sexually excited, especially when you do not intend to have sex with them
  • a person who likes to play tricks and jokes on other people (N)
Adjective:- teased
Adverb:- teasingly
Verb Form:- 
tease teased teased 
Memory Trick:-
Word Tease sounds and looks like Tea. At the Tea stall, we tease (make jokes) at each other.
Synonym:- badger, bait, tantalize, rag, rally, razz, vex, trouble

KIOSK (N)   [kee-osk]
  • a small shop/store, open at the front, where newspapers, drinks etc. are sold     
Memory Trick:-
Word Kiosk sounds like food brand Kellogg's. We have a lot of stall /stand of kellogg's in my city. Kiosk of Kellogg's
Synonym:- stand, booth, stall

OBSTRUCT (V)  [uhb-struhkt]
  • to block a road, an entrance, a passage, etc. so that somebody or something cannot get through.
  • to prevent somebody or something from doing something, especially when this is done deliberately
Noun:- Obstruction
Adjective:- Obstructed, Obstructional, Obstructive
Verb Forms:- 
obstruct obstructed obstructed
Memory Trick:-
Obstruct comes from two words ob- "against" + struere "build".
Synonym:- hinder, impede, choke, clog, stop, block

KNACK (N)  [nak]
  • natural abilities or qualities of doing something 
  • a special skill or ability that you have naturally or can learn
Memory Trick:-
Word Knack reminds us word Neck. Large neck of a Giraffe is a natural abilities(knack).
Synonym:- bent, hang, dexterity, aptness

ENMITY (N)  [en-mi-tee]
  • feeling of hatred toward somebody       
Memory Trick:-
Enmity sounds like Enemy. Enmity for Enemy.
Synonym:- animosity, rancor, malice, acrimony