One Word Substitutions (For Persons):- Meaning of a sentence in one word

        Inmate                    Traitor           Scion     Mascot         Hermit           Trailblazer                                      Baron                       Quadragenarian             Libertine                          Zealot

A person who is kept in a prison or mental hospital - 

Ans:- Inmate
Mind Tricks:-  
Inmate sounds like In May. In May month culprits would become Inmates

Person who is not loyal to his or her own country, friends, relatives, etc. who says one thing and does another -

Ans:- Traitor 
Mind Tricks:-
Traitor sounds and looks like Try to Torture. So if someone in your family try to torture you by revealing you secrets to your enemy may called him/his a Traitor.
Traitor sounds like Tractor. He is not my friend, he is a traitor because he stole my tractor

Person, a young member of a family, was born into a famous, rich family -

Ans:- Scion
Mind Tricks:-
Scion, Son of Zion, King of everything

Persons (may be an animal, a toy, etc.) used as a symbol to represent a group or organization that people believe will bring them good luck -

Ans:- Mascot
Mind Tricks:-
Mascot looks like Ma's cat (Ma's = Mom's). My ma's cat Lucy is good luck, mascot for me. (My ma's cat means My mother's cat)

A person who lives in solitude, in a simple way especially for religious reasons -

Ans:- Hermit
Mind Tricks:-
Hermit sounds like Her Mate(partner). Her mate has become Hermit.

A person Who is the first to discover something new and makes it popular and possible for others to follow -

Ans:- Trailblazer 
Mind Tricks:-
Trailblazer originates from two words i.e. "Trail"and "Blaze". Trail means a long line or series of marks that is left by somebody and Blaze means to burn somethings brightly and strongly, so trailblazer is someone who marks something very unique and keeps blazing that marks very brightly and strongly so that other can follow that marks.

Persons who own or control a large part of a particular industry -

Ans:- Baron
Mind Tricks:-
Baron looks like GRE book Barron's. Barron's Books have a large control over GRE exams.

Persons who are between 40 and 49 years old-

Ans:- Quadragenarian  
Mind Tricks:-
Quadra means 40 and Genarian means age.

Persons who have very strong feelings about  something especially religion or politics and who want other people to have those feelings-

Ans:- Zealot  
Mind Tricks:-
Zealot sounds like Zeal a lot. A person who has a lot of zeal wants to spread his zeal or feeling  is known as Zealot.

A person (especially a man) who leads an immoral life and is interested in pleasure, especially sexual pleasure - 

Ans:- Libertine  
Mind Tricks:-
Libertine comes from word Liberty. So a person who enjoys his liberty is known as Libertine.

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