Phrases/Idioms Asked In Previous Exams Of SSC

Fit of the blues |         Utopian idea |              Getting into a row|         A small fry|      Lose your head|     Egged you on |          Not fit to hold a candle |           Paying through the nose |                Putting the cart before the horse |                           Casting pearls before swine|

Choose the correct meaning for the Phrase/Idiom- 

1.  A good sportsman can't afford to have a fit of the blues before the game.
[1] stimulate
[2] entertainment
[3] steroids or drugs
[4] depression  

2. His utopian idea  was entertaining but not acceptable.
[1] classic idea
[2] intelligent idea
[3] unworthy idea
[4] imaginary idea   

3.  He has the habit of getting into a row  over trivial matters.
[1] seeking the help
[2] picking up a fight
[3] getting a right path
[4] giving unwanted advice

4. A small fry
[1] little
[2] important
[3] unimportant
[4] weak

5.  Do not lose your head in public.
[1] be embarrassed
[2] shave your hair
[3] get angry
[4] get a headache

6.  What egged you on to become social worker ?
[1] urged
[2] dampened
[3] hindered
[4] discouraged

7. Many politicians in India are not fit to hold a candle to Mahatma Gandhi. 
[1] superior
[2] equal
[3] inferior
[4] indifferent

8. She must be paying through the nose for the face left.
[1] paying less than necessary
[2] paying too much
[3] paying the right amount
[4] paying reluctantly

9.   He is putting the cart before the horse by purchasing furniture before buying a house.
[1] doing a thing in the wrong way
[2] doing a thing in the right way
[3] committing a great crime
[4] doing things meticulously

10.  Casting pearls before swine
[1] speaking nice words and convincing them
[2] offering good things to undeserving people
[3] uplifting the needy for their welfare
[4] doing worthwhile things to unknown people

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