Difference between Meteoroid, Meteor, Meteorite.

Memorizing the difference between meteoroid, meteor, and meteorite is very hard.
In this post we try to learn not only their meaning but also their difference with tricks.

Difference between Meteoroid, Meteor, Meteorite.

    What is Meteoroid?

    Meteoroid is a piece of rock or metal that float through space.

    What is Meteor?

    Meteor is a piece of rock or metal that burns and glows brightly in the sky as it falls from outer space into the Earth's atmosphere.

    What is Meteorite?

    Meteorite is a piece of rock or metal from outer space that hits the Earth's surface.

    What is shooting star?

    Shooting star is the another name for meteor.

    What is a meteor shower?

    When a large number of meteors are seen in a short time is known as a meteor shower.

    What is the difference between Meteoroid, Meteor, and Meteorite?

    When rock or metal exists in outer space, it is called meteoroid.
    When rock or metal enter Earth's atmosphere as shooting stars, it is called meteor.
    When rock or metal survive Earth's atmosphere and falls on Earth's surface, it is called meteorite.

    Memory Trick: 

    How to memorize the difference between Meteoroid, Meteor, and Meteorite?

    Meteoroid looks like Meteor + oid. We can make them Meteor in void. Void means a large empty space. So Meteor in void(space) is known as Meteoroid.

    Now we come to Meteor.  
    Just visualize Meteoroid enters Earth's atmosphere; it burns and looses its parts: o, i, and d. Now it becomes Meteor.

    Now Meteor hits the Earth; gains some parts of earth. Eventually it becomes Meteorite. To memorize the word, you can connect the last "e" of Meteorite with the first "e" of earth. Now you can easily connect that Meteorite is something that successfully comes on the Earth.
    Point: Meteor origins from Greek ta meteĊra "the celestial phenomena, things in heaven above".

    In a nutshell
    Rock in void is Meteoroid.
    Meteoroid enters Earth's surface, looses some parts and becomes Meteoroid.
    Meteor luckily hits the Earth, and eventually it becomes Meteorite.

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