I loathe loath people; meaning of loathe, and loath.

                                                             Loathe vs Loath
    Many of us get confused by the spelling of loathe and loath.
                      Now vocabeasy has a trick.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Loathe (V)
  • to hate
  • to dislike somebody or something very much
  1. He loathe his father.
  2. I loathe reading English books.

Loath (Adj.)
  • not willing to do something
  • disinclined, unwilling, reluctant
  1. He was loath to admit his mistakes.
  2. He was loath to go his school.

Learn the difference between Loathe and Loath

Mind Trick:
As we have learned, the meaning of loathe is to hate; with the word hate, we can recognize the meaning of loathe: to hate, as both words have "e" at the end.
And loath (without e) means not wanting or willing to do something.

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