Maybe or May be, all right or alright and some more misused-confused words

Everyone vs Every one           Everyday vs Every day               Maybe vs May be           All right vs Alright          Someplace vs Some place       Altogether vs All together     Sometime vs Some time             Anyway vs Any way                   Alot vs A lot
Everyone vs Every one
Everyone(Pronoun) means every person, all people.
Usage: Everyone can use pencil.

Every one means any single one: it may be a person or a thing.
Usage: Children have eaten every one of chocolates.

Anyone vs Any one 
 same as 
Everyone vs Every one

Everyday vs Every day
Everyday(Adj.) means ordinary, common, happening every day or regularly
Usage: We should not use everyday words in our writing assignments.

Every day means occurring day, day after day.  
Usage: We go to the temple every day.

Maybe vs May be
Maybe(Adverb) means perhaps; used when you are not certain. We can write maybe in place of perhaps.
Usage: Maybe he will not fine.

May be is a modal verb used to say that something is possible.
Usage: He may be at school

All right vs Alright
All right(Adj./Adv.) means Ok, acceptable, safe and well, only just good enough.
Usages: I hope the children are all right.
             Your writing is all right, but it can be better.

Alright is just informal form of all right and one should not use it in one's writing.

Someplace vs Some place
Someplace(Adv/N) means an unspecified place, somewhere.
Usage: We need to find someplace to live.

Some place means a physical space. Some as determiner used with uncountable nouns or plural countable nouns.
Usage: There is some place left between the two buildings.

Altogether vs All together
Altogether(adv./N) means entirely, in every way, completely, considering everything.
Usages: You haven't altogether finished your homework.
             Altogether, he decided to join navy. (Here, Altogether means considering everything)

All together means as one, everybody or everything together.
Usages: All together we shall go to cinema.

Sometime vs Some time
Sometime(Adv.) means at a certain point in time, at a time that you do not know exactly; It also refers to an indefinite time in the future.
Usage: I saw him sometime last summer.
            Sometime I shall be a doctor.

Some time means a period of time, quite a long time.
Usage: They will take some time to build your house.
More about Sometime:Sometime as an adverb can also be written as Sometimes.Sometime as an adjective is used to refer to what somebody used to be.

Anyway vs Any way
Anyway(Adv.) means in despite something, used when adding something to support an idea or argument.
Usage: It is too expensive and anyway the color doesn't suit you.

Any way means a way, some sort of way, by any method.
Usage: Can you help me in any way.

Alot vs A lot
Alot : This word doesn't exist.

A lot means a large number or amount.
Usage: A lot of people are gathering here.

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