Elicit or Illicit ? Learn with Mind trick

                                                    Elicit Vs Illicit                                                                
Owing to its similarity, many often get confused about the meanings. Many questions have been asked in different exams on these words. Which is why we place these words here with mind tricks that will make sustain the true meaning of these words.

Elicit (V)
  • to get information or a reaction from somebody, often with difficulty
  • Deduce emotions, feelings, responses
  1. Her face elicit her pain.
  2. I can elicit the message from this code.

Illicit (Adj.)
  • illegal, not allowed by the law
  1. Illicit work
  2. These are illicit drugs.

Mind Tricks:
Elicit means to get information from somebody as the word elicit comes from "e ", which is ex, means "out" + "licit", which is lacere, means "deceive". So, with the help of "e", we can know that elicit means to bring out some piece of information by deceiving.
Illicit means illegal. With the help of Ill in both of the words, we can recognize that illicit means illegal.

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