Impediment or Obstacle, Learn the right usage.

Impediment or Obstacle
You may have been using these words as synonyms, but believe me you are wrong. Let's see why these are not.

When to use impediment and obstacle ?

What is the meaning of Impediment ?
Impediment is a noun.
Impediment is something that interferes with movement or progress.
Something that is an impediment to a person or thing makes their movement, development, or progress difficult.
A fallen tree in the road acts as impediment.
Illiteracy acts as impediment to the development of the country.
Impediment in a sentence:
  1. Peters says he was born deaf with a speech impediment to a mother who addicted to drugs and alcohol.
  2. In that mistaken worldview, bank regulation is nothing but an impediment to economic prosperity.
  3. Another impediment to African travel is that there are very few commercial flights from one region to another and when they do exist, they are prohibitively expensive.

What is the meaning of Obstacle ?
Obstacle is a noun.
Obstacle is something that blocks your path.
An obstacle may be an object or anything else that comes in the way of whatever you are doing.
Obstacle in a sentence:
  1. Rahul Gandhi may be an obstacle to Narendra Modi in the next election.
  2. A lack of qualifications can be a major obstacle to finding a job.

When to use the word Obstacle and Impediment ?
 An impediment is something that slows down progress towards reaching a goal.
An obstacle is something or someone that entirely stands in the way, or block the way.

Impediment is used when something put disturbance in your way of progress, like your cat may be impediment when it disturbs you while you do some office work.
If something or someone not only disturb but also block your way it is an obstacle; old people in china are obstacle to the progress.

An obstacle prevents you from reaching your goal; an impediment just makes it harder to achieve. 

The word impediment origin from the im means "not" and pedi means "feet"; it means "not on feet". Pedestrian origins from the same root pedi.
Obstacle origin from ob means "against" and stare means "stand". 

In a nutshell
Impediment origins from im-not and pedi-feet: not on feet. It means something that makes harder to reach a goal.
Obstacle origins from ob-against and stare- stand. It means something that block you way of reaching a goal.

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