One word Substitutions For SSC Exams -1

A general excuse granted by Government to political offenders One who hates women  | One who can't be corrected| A school boy who cuts classes frequently|  Detailed plan of a journey| Stealing of Ideas or writings of someone else.|                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

A general excuse granted by Government to political offenders 

Ans:- Pardon

One who hates marriage  

Ans:- Misogamist
Mind Trick:-

Word Misogamist comes from Greek miso-"hating" and gamos-"marriage".

One who can't be corrected

Ans:- Incorrigible
Mind Trick:-
Incorrigible origins from in - not and Latin corrigere - to correct

A school boy who cuts classes frequently 

Ans:- Truant
Mind Trick:-
Word Truant looks like True anti school.

Detailed plan of a journey

Ans:- Itinerary
Mind Trick:-
Word Itinerary sounds like It in diary. Where is the detailed plan of the journey(Itinerary) ? - It's in diary.

Stealing of Ideas or writings of someone else 

Ans:- Plagiarism

A person who consumes/eats human flesh

Ans:- Cannibal

The production of raw silk 

Ans:- Sericulture
Mind Trick:-
S for Silk and S for Sericulture. In word Sericulture there is an E not I after S.

Politicians are notorious for doing undue favour to their relatives

Mind Trick:-
Word Nepotism is for Nephew. Politicians who work for their nephew are called Nepotism.

A person who helps even a stranger in difficulty

Ans:- Samaritan
Mind Trick:-
From the Bible story of a person from Samaria who helps an injured man that nobody else will help.

A person who readily believes others 

Ans:- Credulous
Mind Trick:-
Credulous from Credit.

Meaningless language with an exaggerated style intended to impress 

Ans:- Rhetoric (ret-er-ik)
Mind Trick:-
Rhetoric sounds like Hat-trick. A bowler says- "I would take hat-trick in every match."- This is a Rhetoric saying.

The political leader had an evil reputation.  He is not trusted.

Ans:- Dubious
Mind Trick:-
Word Dubious looks like Doubtful.
Dubious sounds like Dubey.  Dubey Jee is a very dubious leader.

The conference takes place once in three years

Ans:- Triennial
Mind Trick:-
Triennial from Latin word Tri meas three + annus/ennial means year.


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