Deplore vs. Deprecate vs. Depreciate

Deplore vs. Deprecate vs. Depreciate
These words sounds so similar that you may use them in the wrong way. In this post, we will discuss about the correct way of using them.

What is the meaning of Deplore?
Deplore is a verb. It means to hate and dislike something very much. 
If you say that you deplore something, you think it is very wrong or immoral.
Deplore in sentence:
  1. When Netanyahu eventually addressed the issue, he deplored a “horrendous” incident, but warned it was important that Saudi Arabia remain stable – which was more or less exactly what Trump said, too.  -The Guardian
  2. The New York Times and other newspapers deplored this propaganda as “fake news.” -Scientific American

What is the meaning Deprecate?
Deprecate is a verb. It means to feel and express strong disapproval of something.
Deprecate in sentence:
  1. Parents should not deprecate their children's efforts.
  2. Her boss try to deprecate her accomplishments.

What is the meaning Depreciate?
When the verb, depreciate, is used as transitive, it means to lower the value of something.
  1. My wife depreciates me in front of her family.
As a intransitive, it means to become less valuable over a period of time.
  1. Machines start to depreciate as soon as they start running.

What is the difference between Deplore and Deprecate and Depreciate?
We can easily get the meaning of these words: to less the value of something owing to some reasons. They, however, are used in different contexts. Let's know what are those context.

To deplore a thing means to express disappointed at it
If you are an animal lover, you deplore cruelty to animals; it means you don't like it and feel upset by it.

To deprecate a thing means to express disapproval of it; you criticize it.
If you deprecate cruelty to animals, you criticize it, you express disapproval of it with reasons. Furthermore, you may take steps to stop such acts.

To depreciate means to suggest that something or somebody is not important or valuable. 
If you depreciate animals, it means you support cruelty to animals, for you think that animals are unimportant. 
Your father should not depreciate you just because you failed to gain top rank. 
If something depreciate itself, it loses its original value.
For example: Something new depreciate rapidly.

In a nutshell
To deplore means to express upset with something you don't like.
To deprecate means to criticize something you less like, and you try to stop it.
And to depreciate means to make something unimportant.

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