Envelop Vs Envelope with Memory Trick

                       Envelop vs Envelope                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

 Envelope (N)

  • a flat paper container used for writing and sending letters in
  • an enclosing cover for a letter, card, etc.
  1. She demanded envelopes to write letter to her husband.

Envelop (V)
  • to wrap something or somebody up or cover them or it completely
  1. Darkness envelop the whole village.
  2. She enveloped the baby in a towel.

Memory Trick:
The words Envelop and Envelope have one-letter difference that is "e"; With the help of this extra "e", we can learn that the word Envelope with "e" is related with paper as both words have "e" at their end.
Envelope = Paper for letter

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